A logo serves as an easily-recognizable symbol that identifies your law firm. A good logo does not just list the name of your firm, but it also provides people with an understanding of your values and the approach you take when providing services to your clients. With a professional, well-designed logo, you can let people know who you are and what they can expect when working with you. Our logo design process will help you create the logo you need and use it for multiple purposes. To learn more, contact us at 567-LAW-LOGO.

Types of Logos

Your choice of the style to use for your logo will depend on the message you want to convey, the branding and iconography you have used in the past, and the design elements you wish to include. Our designers can help you determine the best options that will meet your unique needs.

logo type


These logos include a combination of one, two, or three letters that are presented in a distinctive font, and they may also include other design elements. This type of logo is often used by law firms that want to highlight the initials of each of the firm's partners.


Logotype or Wordmark

This type of logo will usually include the full name of a law firm, as well as a slogan or other information, making it easy to identify and remember the firm's name. These logos may be presented in a unique font, and they may also incorporate color or other distinctive design elements.



A firm's logo may include non-representational imagery meant to convey a certain feeling, such as safety or confidence. This can provide a unique, easily-recognizable symbol that creates a lasting impression that people will associate with a law firm.



A logo may include a recognizable image that communicates a message about a law firm. This image could be a play on the firm's name, or it may refer to attributes that an attorney wants to associate themselves with, such as guidance, strength, or justice.



A firm's logo may include an animal, character, or other type of figure that represents their values or the approach they take when representing clients. For example, an eagle may signify patriotism, while a lion may represent strength and power.



These types of logos are similar to a seal, badge, or crest, and they convey a feeling of tradition, respect, and authority. They usually include text or pictorial elements within a border, forming a unique design that stands out and offers a sense of prestige.

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